Our Approach

Our team at Good Sleep created this website to help you get out of your lifelong battle against troubled sleeping, insomnia, sleep apnea and other sleeping disorders rubbing you off your shut-eye. Our vision is to become the #1 source of sleep guides, facts on sleep, and products and services that may help for a good night sleep – consistently.

Our Story

Good Sleep is composed of passionate individuals who came together to become guides for people who are experiencing sleeping disorders and as a result suffering from poor  performance, brain function and health. With Good Sleep, we’re hoping we could share our knowledge and expertise with the world about the importance of sleep, why people cannot sleep and how to improve it.

Meet the Founder

Driven by passion to help you  get good night sleep, my team and I are looking to become your go-to people when you need advice, tips and guidance on how you can sleep well – every night or when you need to.

about Doug Cheslik

Doug Cheslik

Founder & CEO

Been there done that. Doug was an insomniac himself- but he got over it!  He founded Good Sleep to literally help people get good sleep. And he knows it’s not easy – but he’s a positive thinker and an enthusiast at the same time. His experience and expertise in overcoming insomnia and other sleeping problems make him the man behind Good Sleep.

Next Steps…

Wake up from insomnia nightmare and get your life back. Browse our wide selection of effective and safe sleep products today!

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